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Hos-gon No Smells

Hos-gon No Smells

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What is the product
Odour Neutraliser with slight perfume

What it does
Neutralises odours associated with urine, faeces and vomit, Removes offensive odours and replaces with a pleasant perfume.

How to use it
Product is best used as a spray either in the air or sprayed on to non-electrical equipment, clothing, bedding, curtains and  carpets.

What the benefits are?
Neutralises odour associated with faeces, urine and vomit. Water based will not harm fabrics or non electrical equipment. Fine mist spray for economical and effective use.

What makes it different from the other products
Has a slight perfume included in the product for ascetic effect.

Why is it different from the other products?

Who would use it?
Nursing Homes, age care, incontinence patients. Or anyone to freshen the bathroom or patience room

Why would they use it?
To neutralise malodours and create a better environment for all patients with odour issues. 

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