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Denise Martin
Brilliant product for stoma patients

This spray is amazing. I have a stoma following an ileostomy and I keep a spray bottle of Odor Be Gone Hos-Toma No Smells in my bathroom at all times. I like that there is absolutely no smell at all - it's more of a total absence of any type of odour. I also keep a small 50ml spray in my handbag to ensure there are no nasty surprises when I am travelling away from home. I thoroughly recommend this product.

Jeffrey Black
Excellent product.

Did all that was promised.

What is the actual product?
A water based medically safe odour eliminator without perfumes or masking agents.

This product has no oils or alcohol.

Safe for allergy suffers and asthmatics.

What it does:

Removes malodours from urine, faeces ,vomit, body odour ,smoke smells and other unpleasant mal-odours, 

How to use it:
General use:

Used the fine mist spray to effectively remove unpleasant odours. Spray directly on the offensive odour or in the air until odour ceases to offend

Can be sprayed safely in the air ,on bedding, curtains, non-electrical medical equipment, (i.e. Commode chairs). carpets ,use when washing clothes to remove odours and where pet odour is a problem. 

Simply spray it in the general area of where the smell is occurring.

What are the benefits?
Removes mal-odors i.e. feaces, urine and vomit. Doesn’t contain masking agent. Safe for asthmatic and allergy suffers, leaves the air smelling fresh. 

Removes the toxicity in gases from the mal-odors.

What makes it different from the other products
Non-Toxic Leaves no smell contains no masking agents. No alcohol, perfumes and filtered water as its based.

Safe to use in hospital nursing homes and medical institutions.

Safe for the whole house. Use in boats, caravans and cars.

Why it is different from the other products:

Our products are extremely clean but are not sterile.
Australian made and owned.
Extremely effective on odours.
Fine mist spray more effective and cost effective.
Many uses for the one product

Who would use it
Available for everyone to use, in bathroom, for the laundry, bedding, carpet general deodoriser.
Specific products for Stomal patients to use in their bags

Why would they use it
Product works and is easy to use.
Premixed Safe to use around animals, children. asthmatics allergy suffers
Proven formula for over 25years Australian made for hospital and medical used.

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