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What is a Malodour?

Malodour definition: a foul or unpleasant smell.

What it does
Neutralises strong malodours. Removes odours from fungating wounds and strong mal-odours (urine, feaces, vomit, body odour, smoke)

Can also be used for domestic homes to prevent musky odours, in boats and caravans where odour is a problem.

How to use it
Use the fine mist spray in the air to eradicate odours, can also be use through a nebuliser to fog room, spray over bandage or on a towel and place at the end of bed. Reapply as odour becomes noticeable needed.

Sprayed in airing cupboards for musky smells, curtains, bedding, or used on carpets to freshen rooms.

Spray where there are animal odours or use directly on materials effect by malodours.

What are the benefits?
Using Hos-cology will remove offensive malodours and toxicity allowing the patient to have a cleaner environment and peace of mind. Clients are more restful with the knowledge their odours are not causing concerns to others and family members.

What makes it different from the other products?
This is a very effective odour neutraliser specially designed to combat fungating wounds as well as other unpleasant malodours from incontinence, body odours and vomit.

Made in Australia for Australian conditions and kept to the highest standards.

Who would use it?
Oncology department and palliative care in hospitals for wound and medical professionals. Professionals looking for the premium product to combat strong malodours.

Perfect for the everyday use in Caravans, boats and cars, airing cupboards.

Why would they use it?
A clean comfortable environment without offensive malodours that may impact on the mental health and wellbeing of the patient. 

Makes it easier for health professionals and loved ones to deal with the patients need.


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