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Hos-togel - 500g

Hos-togel - 500g

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What is a Malodour?

Malodour definition: a foul or unpleasant smell 

What is the actual Product?
A pink soft gel like substance room deodorant which defuses into the room and neutralises toxic malodours leaving the room pleasantly smelling.

(Please note the product will destroy these malodours not just mask them ).

What it does it do?
This product works 24/7 attacking malodours cleaning the air leaving a fresh smelling environment. 

Also use in Caravans, boating and homes.

Can also be used in the domestic situations for odours from dead animals, litter boxes and musky smells vomit, urine and faeces

How to use it?
Place opened whole tub inside room away from draughts and windows to diffuse throughout the room for up to 3 months. 

An enclosed environment is desirable for best results (room size around 12sqm), product should not be spooned to other containers in smaller allocations as the bulk of 500gm jar is needed for effect.

Place jar with  lid off ,on a shelf, or on top of a wardrobe or under the bed.

What are the benefits?
The Hos-togel work 24/7 to eradicate air born malodours for patients. Very effective for  malodours from fungating wounds and incontinence.

Musky rooms and malodours in constricted caravans, boats and bathrooms.

Pet and animal friendly will help with malodours from litter trays

Why is it different from other products?
This will neutralise the odours not just mask them.

Most effective product than any odour control product available for wounds, palliative care patients. as well as oncology dept.

Will work effectively for most situations at home, musky room spaces, offensive malodours in yatches , boats and caravans.

Who would use this?
Nurses and hospitals for patients suffering from odourist wounds or strong malodours. Mortuaries, funeral homes , cancer wards. Emergency departments. Nursing homes, age care facilities.

Homes, caravans, boats and bathrooms. Animal litter boxes

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