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Stomal Products

Stomal Products

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Darcie de la Porte
Smell is definitely gone

I put the gel container near the rubbish bin - within just a couple hours there is absolutely no smell. I'm impressed by how quickly it worked! Definitely recommend.

Thanks for the New softer bottles!


And thanks for the new, softer bottle of Hos-Toma no smells.

The product itself is great, works better than most other drops.

But I used to have a problem with how hard the other plastic bottle was, I couldn't use it as a dropper, I had to remove the top, and pour it into the bag. I was going to let you know about it, but I'm sure hundreds of people already have.

Now, it's great, I can dispense the amount of drops each time.

What is the actual product?
A medically safe odour eliminator

What it does
Removes mal-odours inside the Ostomy bag

How to use it?
Place 4-5 drops of the  Hos-toma Dropper solution  into a new stomal bag or after  draining.

What are the benefits?
Removes unwanted odours ie faeces and urine. Doesn’t contain masking agent. Safe for asthmatic and allergy suffers, 

Easy and effective against odours within the  bag

What makes it different from the other products?

Non-Toxic Leaves no smell or no masking agents. Contains no alcohol,perfumes and is water based.

Safe to use in the bag reduces toxicity as well as odours.

Why it is different from the other product?
Australian made and owned.
Extremely effective on odours.

We will help you received the  results you want.

Who would use it
Available for everyone to use on  the SAS in Australia.
Specific products for Stomal patients to use in their bags

Why would they use it
Product works and is easy to use.
Premixed Safe to use around, children asthmatics allergy suffers
Proven formula for over 25years Australian made spaecifically for Stomal Patients

Credited  Business for over 30 years of service,

Available free at the Ostomy Assciations in Australia order using our product codes on your next order from your Association.

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